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Charlotte Air Mesuem in Charlotte NC. Historic flight of the DC-7 aircraft being flown by Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger III November 2011. Pictures by Allen Bowen Charlotte NC.

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This is one of the reasons that I love selling my military jewelry so much, I am able to connect with many of my brothers from the armed forces, domestic and foreign. Someone coming to me for some jewelry is always the start of a great converstion. My new friend Rob R. from the Neather Lands was a great source of information on his reserve company, Charlie Tiger. He sent me a link to a youtube video of his unit, and some information:

"The reserve company - known as Charlie 'Tiger' Company of 11 Infantry Battalion (Air Assault) 'Guards and Grenadiers Regiment Hunters "who was in Afghanistan since early February - on April 4 with helicopters to the area south of Sangin charged. Since the goal was the first battalion of the U.S. 508ste Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd 'All American' Airborne Division to support. The Tigers had their own area in which it occurred. The motto of the company is "Omni hostess sunt '(' The enemy is everywhere '). That is the red berets on April 20th relentlessly highlighted by the die during a patrol of one of their 'Tigers', the 21-year-old Corporal Cor Strik. There was a so-called pressure plate hidden below ground, in this case, two blades where an explosive charge between Sat The moment the corporal stepped on the plate was an inflammatory mechanism that brought the explosive to detonate and Cor Strik instantly killed. Harsh enough this was the last patrol of the Tiger Company during this operation. The military explored the route back to the forward base 'Robinson' in the Sangin valley. From there they would go back to KAF on May 4 to fly to the Netherlands. The nadir was thus not yet been achieved. The American sergeant Alexander van Aalten of that American unity with Dutch ancestors, lost his life that day. Sergeant Van Aalten volunteered for withholding the remains of Cor Strik to store. But there appeared to be explosive and even one that claimed his life.

The U.S. unit on April 30 at KAF awards granted to the red berets of the Tiger Company and the hussars of the reconnaissance unit. In this way, the Americans spoke of their appreciation for the actions of the Dutch. A total of eighty Queens Army Commendation Medal "awarded. Were also awarded to Dutch military insignia: eighty "Combat Infantry Badges," six "Combat Medic Badges" and 19 "Combat Action Badges. It was a surprise to all soldiers that these valuations were awarded. It is perceived as an exceptional honor them this recognition from the Americans. This shows how much they appreciate the Dutch aid."

June 25, 2010 - Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall at Batavia Veterans PTSD Clinic
I'm pointing at the name of one of my lost squad members.
Franklin D. Tinsley, Machine Gunner

While Shopping for my car at the Infiniti dealership I had an interesting conversation with Brian about his Brother, who is suffering from PTSD. I hope that this will help to bring more attention to this problem facing our returning service men. Robert Myzel
Batavia Veterans PTSD Clinic

In a meeting by chance at jazz festival, I had an opportunity to meet a true hero. The gentleman's name is WILLIAM M WHEELER. Why a hero? This person was a fighter pilot during World War 2 with the 332nd Fighter Group / 302nd Fighter Squadron of the famous TUSKEGEE AIRMAN.

After a discussion concluded in the men's room, we continued to cross paths during the concert. I have always dreamed of shaking the hands of these true heroes of the air. By chance a dream of mine has come true.

Mr. Wheeler has given me permission to place his information on this site, and it gives me great honor and pleasure to due so.

A chance meeting has started to grow into a lasting friendship.

While browsing the Internet, I came up on this article of Ray Diaz. Man it struck me like a thunderbolt, just to know what my comrades in arms has done since the end of the Vietnam conflict. Diaz has been to our reunions that we have held in Oklahoma. It is good to see fellow RAKKASANS standing tall and being proud of our wartime accomplishments

Another proud American DRIVE ON

A football team is now an associate member of the 3/187 battalion of the RAKKASAN. They have shown the Airborne Spirit on the football field. I would like to send congratulations for a job well done!

Kingwood Christian School in Alabaster, AL