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Airborne Patches

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1st Special Service Force

1st Special Operations Command (Obsolete)

1st Allied Airborne Army

1st Corps Support Command

6th Airborne Division

9th Airborne Division

11th Airborne Division

11th Air Assault Div. (Test) 1963-1965)

13th Airborne Division

16th MP Bde Airborne


17th Airborne Division


18th Airborne Division


18th Airborne Corps


18th Aviation Brigade (Airborne)


18th Field Artillery Bde


20th Engineer Brigade (Airborne)

21st Airborne Division

35th Signal Brigade (Airborne)

44th Medical Brigade (Airborne)

71st Airborne Brigade Texas Guard 1968-73

80th Airborne Division (1946-1952)

82nd Airborne Division

84th Airborne Division (1946-1952)

100th Airborne Division (1946-1952)

101st Airborne Division


108th Airborne Division

108th Air Defense Bde

135th Airborne Division

173rd Airborne Brigade


187th Airborne Regimental CBT Team

187th Airborne Regimental CBT Team (Variation)

508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team

      509th Infantry          (8th Infantry Division)

525th Military Intelligence Bde (Airborne)

555th Airborne    (Triple Nickel)


Southern European Task Force (Airborne Element)

Airborne Troop Carrier Command


Army Special Operations Command


Army Special Forces

Airborne Command

John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center

Aerial Delivery Depart. Quartermaster School

Infantry School (Airborne Element)

Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command

Joint Readiness Training Center (Airborne Element)

Airborne Cap Badge (Officer)



Special Operations Command

Airborne Cap Badge (Enlisted)


Ranger Patches

Ranger Battalion W.W.I.I.   (2nd & 5th Rangers)

75th Ranger Infantry (1969-1986)

1st Ranger Battalion (Old)

75 Infantry Regiment (Old)

1st Ranger Battalion

2nd Ranger Battalion

3rd Ranger Battalion

2nd Ranger Battalion (Old)

Rangers In Korea

Rangers In Vietnam

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