I am The Infantry!

I am the infantry…..Queen of Battle! I meet the enemy face to face…will to will. For two and a quarter centuries, I have been the bulwark of our Nation’s defense…I am the Infantry! Follow Me!

Both hardship…and glory, I have known. My bleeding feet stained the snow at Valley Forge. I pulled an oar to cross the icy Delaware…tasted victory at Yorktown…and saw our Nation born. At New Orleans, I fought beyond the hostile hour…discovered the fury of my long rifle…and came of age. I am the Infantry!

I pushed westward with the Conestoga…and marched with the pioneer across the plains…to build outposts for freedom on the wild frontier. Follow Me! With Scott I went to Vera Cruz…battled Santa Anna in the mountain passes…and climbed the high plateau. I planted our flag in the Plaza of Mexico City. From Bull Run to Appomattox my blod ran red. I fought booth the Blue and Grey…divided in conflict, I united in peace…I am the Infantry. I left those shores with the sinking of the Maine…led the charge up San Juan Hill…and fought the Moro…and disease…in the Philippines. Across the Rio Grande, I chased the bandit, Villa. Follow Me!

At Chateau-Thierry, I went over the top. I stood like a rock on the Marne…cracked the Hindenburg Line…and broke the backs of the Hun in the Argonne. I didn’t come back until it was “over, over there.” At Bataan and Corregidor, I bowed briefly, licked my wounds and vowed to return. I invaded Tunisia on the African shore…dug my nails into the sand at Anzio…and bounced into Rome with a flower in my helmet. The Channel and the hedgerow could not hold me. I pushed back the “Bulge”…vaulted the Rhine…and seized the Heartland. The “Thousand-Year Reich” was dead. From island to island, I hopped the pacific…hit the beaches and chopped my way through swamp and jungle. I kept my vow…I did return…I set the Rising Sun.

In Pusan perimeter I gathered my strength … crossed the frozen Han … marched to the Yalu. Along the 38th parallel … and around the world, I made my stand. In the jungles of Vietnam I fought an unpopular war. The enemy was the VC, NVA and the anti-war demonstrators … waving Hanoi’s flag … “encouraging the Communists to fight harder.” My blod still ran red … as I fought in Phuoc Vinh, Hau Nghia and Binh Doung providences. In this I did not falter … I am the Infantry … Follow Me!

Ultimately … I won the greater fight against the Communist … with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Wherever brave men fight … and die, for freedom, you will find me. I am the infantry … Queen of Battle! Follow Me!

Written by the U.S. Army Infantry School, Ft. Benning Georgia, with a reference to Vietnam and the Berlin Wall, added by James E. Bond, Major AUS (Retired).

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