These pictures were taken by Dale R. Soos while serving in Cambodia. Thanks to his son Darek Soos who has given us permission to put them up on our site.

The text in Italics is taken word for word as was written by Dale R. Soos from off the back of the original pictures.
FSB Lanard
Dec. 28
A little bit better picture of a duster
which is used for perimeter defense and
also to run convoys.
FSB Lanyard
Duster Anti-Aircraft has two 40mm cannons
175 Shooting into Cambodia.
Cambodia is clump of trees and beyond, also to left.
B52 Bomber Craters

Near Lanyard
11 January
Cobra flying below hunting for Targets. Lt Rylays
was flying above looking for Mortar Flashing
On the road outside of Tay Ninh.
Picture shows Nui Ba Pinh (The Black Virgin).
Its the only high spot for 80 Kilometers all
the way around. We have a relay station at
the top, and US Arty around the base. The
Center area is NVA and VC. It's black because
of all the bombs and artillery shells hitting it.
FSB Lanyard
BTRY Firing again, notice
shower bucket swinging to left
from IDC
FSB Flower
Oct. 27
Damaged Huey is airlifted
by a Chinook (was what i usually road on)
FSB Lanyard
M-48 Tank when it just arrived at our
location with second convoy of ammo and
powder. We had 1200 rounds of ammo just
for our 6 tubes.
Day after X-Mas.
FSB Lanyard
200 meters to Cambodia
Night fire of Quad 50cal. Electrically operated