These pictures were taken by Robert Struck while in Phuoc Vinh Airbase. I had been looking for some photos of phuoc vinh to be placed on my web site. I was stationed at papa victor in 1967 with the 3/187 rakkasans B Company 101st Abn Div. Our unit did not stay long in one place because we were desiqinated to be a reactionary force in 3 corps. We took over from the big red 1 and continued to operate with a number of units during TET.

Phuoc Vinh Airfield
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Phuoc Vinh Firebase
NW Approach
AH-1G Huey Cobra 'Snake'
Control Tower
Each morning the Blues picked up ammo for their daily mission from a connex in this area. This photo is facing the setting sun in the west.
UH-1 'Huey'
Helicopter Maintenance Hanger
Light Observation Helicopter 'Loach'
C-130 Cargo Planes
CH-47 Chinook
Photo by Ken Piotter (31st Engineer Battalion HHC)
Ken was a construction surveyor on the main airfield from January to April 1969 putting down the pierced metal run way.
Photo by Ken Piotter
Late 60's aerial photo of Phuoc Vinh
I took this photo as we departed from Phuoc Vinh heading to Fire Support Base Buttons early one morning.